Solvent-Based Aditives :

Texaphor Special : Texaphor Special is an easy to use liquid anti-settling agent, the particular advantage of which is that it is effective over a broad range of polarity. It can, therefore, be used in a nitrocellulose lacquer, the solvents of which are mainly polar, as well as in decorative paints which only contain white spirit, i.e., a non-polar solvent.
Texaphor 963: Dispersant and grinding aid, anti-settling and anti-floating agent for coatings, paints, printing inks, and other similar surface coatings. Gelling aid for organically modified bentonite.
Perenol S 4: Additive to improve slip, flow, mar and scratchresistance and to reduce the tendency of the surface to pick up dirt.
Perenol F 40: Levelling agent with air release properties for non-aqueous, liquid coating systems, as well as for powder coatings and binders for powder coatings.

Producer Firm : Cognis

Aqua-Based Aditives :

Dehydran C : Defoamer for emulsion paints and mortars. Dehydran C can be used in coatings either to prevent the formation of foam or bubbles during the manufacture and application of the paint (by brush or roller), or to eliminate foam which has developed in the manufacturing process.
Foamaster NDW : : Liquid defoamer for latex systems. Foamaster NDV is effective in all systems based on synthetic latex especially those based on styrene-butadiene, polyvinyl acetate, acrylic and water-soluble alkyds.
Foamaster NXZ : Liquid defoamer for emulsion paints and latex systems.Foamaster NXZ defoamer for emulsion paints based on styrene-butadiene, acrylic, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymers, ethylene vinyl acetate, vinylidene chloride and water-soluble alkyds.

Producer Firm : Cognis

Coatex P 90 :

Polyacrylate ammonium salt 40%
Dispersion paints are usually formulated with extenders, particularly the vey fine calcium carbonates now available. The dispersion of these extenders in water based systems must be achieved easily with common stirrers and without forming agglomerates or causing a viscosity build up.

Producer Firm : Coatex


V DRY CA 4 :

A co-drier without any drying power by itself but enhancing the drying effect of the active driers.

V DRY CO 6 :

It is by far the most important and widespread cobalt based paint drier. It acts as an oxidation catalyst and thus permits the hardening of the paints film surface.v

V DRY PB 24 :

The lead soap is a polimerisation catalyst. Varnishes and paint films dried with lead soaps are exhibiting an elastic structure.

Producer Firm : Vatan Kimya


Clorparaffine (52%) :

Used as plastificator in water based paints.

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