Long Oil Alkyds : (70%)

Properties : Good performance in solubility by aliphatic and aromatic solvents, wetting pigments, shining, resistance to air conditions, good adhesionand elasticity.

Packaging: 185/1 kg drums

Urethane Alkyds :(60%)

Properties : Good filler and emery property
Usage Areas : Polyurethan and cellulosic filler coatings, matting paimts.

Rapid Alkyds :(60%)

Properties : Good adhesion, elasticity property, speedy powder dry.
Usage Areas : Industrial air dry coatings, aluminium gilding and hammerton paints

Producer Firm Producer Firm: Mobel Kimya San.Ltd.Şti.

Wacker BS 50 ( Silikon For Exterior Paint) :

Polisiloksan emülsion % 60
Producer Firm : Wacker

Rhoximat PAV 22( PVA-VeOVa ) :

Incorporation enhances the properties of cement or plaster mortars, to which they provide improvements in term of adhesion, handling, workabiltiy, flexibility and water resistance
Producer Firm : Rhodia26.10.2005

Yapım : R.Tasarım