Natrasol 250 :

Natrosol 250 is cellulosic thickener which used in paint and industrial coating.

Culminal C 9115 :

Culminal C 9115 product are water-soluble, nonionic cellulose ethers that are used in many industrial applications as water retention aids, thickening agents and stabilizers

Producer Firm : Hercules

Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime:

MEK is anti- skinning agent for paints and varnishes intermediate for silicone hardener.

Texanol :

Texanol ester alcohol, the premier coalescent for latex paints, provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent. Texanol decreases the film-forming temperature, prolongs the wet-edge time and prevents the paint cracks which is formed by quick-drying of paint.


Coatex BR 100 P :

Water soluble nonionic polyurethane 50%

Properties : Gloss emulsion paints require the use of thickening agents which give various properties such as water retention and rheological properties

Aerosol 200 :

Aerosil 200 is agents for paint which used thickener.

Nuosept 505 :

 Nuosept 505 is a powerful bactericide/ fungicide with a wide activity spectrum against microorganisms responsible for aqueous systems degradation

Bentogel BG 4 :

Benton SD 1 is bentonite based tiksotropi aditive.

Bentone 38 :

Benton SD 1 is bentonite based tiksotropi aditive.

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